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Health and safety protocols

Hotel Andorra Tenerife


  • Indications, signs and social distancing measures.
  • Common areas are cleaned and disinfected with the regularity, protocols and products established by the health recommendations.
  • Rooms are cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Linen is sanitised in common areas and in rooms, as is the kitchenware.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers in common areas.
  • We have removed all stationary items.
  • Pool water hygiene levels are controlled regularly. Hammocks and sun terrace are disinfected regularly, and distancing measures apply.
  • Prevention protocols apply to the maintenance and control of water circuits and cooling systems.
  • Limited access to pool and reduced opening hours, guests must book a time slot in advance.
Hotel Andorra Tenerife


  • Space redistribution in common areas to ensure safety distance is maintained.
  • Signs and social distancing measures as well as recommendations.
  • Hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • Laser thermometers.
Hotel Andorra Tenerife


  • Staff will receive specialised training in hygiene measures.
  • Customer service areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Personal protective equipment recommended to each department.
  • Medical check-ups and access control specific to staff.
  • Social distancing measures.
Hotel Andorra Tenerife


  • Safety protocols apply when receiving deliveries from suppliers.
  • Food handling protocols and control, applying all recommended safety measures.
  • Limited access to the restaurant and bar. Tables are kept apart.
  • Signs indicate in which direction guests should move.
  • Buffet service is replaced with individual service.
  • QR code menus available to guests.
  • Furniture, linen and kitchenware are disinfected regularly.